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5 Best Stair Runners to Buy In Hamilton Ontario

Here Are Our 5 Top Picks for Best Stair Runners that you can Buy In Hamilton, Ontario From Herringbone Stair Runners That are Just Amazing Right Down to the Affordable Stair Runners that Any DIYer Can Install Themselves

Hi I'm Keith Shannon Head Installer in Charge of Stair Runner Installation In Hamilton, Burlington & Oakville, Here at Direct Carpet we Like to Think We Know What We are Talking About When it Comes to Stair Runners and Carpet Runners. We Not Only Sell and Install Stair Runners, but We Also Custom Make All Of Our Stair Runners and Carpet Runners Right Here at our Store & Warehouse In Hamilton.

Today I'm Going to Be Discussing What I Think From a Carpet Store Owner and Stair Runner Specialist's Point of View the Top 5 Stair Runners You Should Be Considered When Buying New Stair Runner or Carpet Runner for your Staircase!

Stair Runner #1: Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner

Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner is Our Most Requested and Purchased High-End Stair Runner that We Make, 100% Nylon Amazing Warranty, Looks Just Fantastic no Matter The Staircase, This Stair Runner will Work in Old Farmhouse to New Modern Homes, This Herringbone Stair Runner From and Anderson Tuftex Comes in Many Different Colors and Can

Be Installed on Just about Any Staircase!

Here Is a Picture of a Herringbone Stair Runner Called Landmark that was Installed By in Burlington Ontario

Stair Runner #2: Stain Proof Stair Runner

Now Truth Be Told This is My Number One Favorite Stair Runner or Carpet Runner if you Please! Means I Love it so much! Exquisite Portrait Corinthian Column By Mohawk Industries and Such an Awesome Color this one, Comes in Many, Such as Dark Grays and Light Grays, From Stone White to Soft Tan!

Modern Carpet Runner on stairs
Modern Carpet Runner Installed In Hamilton Ontario

What's Great About this Stair Runner, is it's Stain Proof Yup, Yup, I said ItYup I said It's Stain-proof! People might not be aware of this But Not all Carpet Runners are Stain Proof! This one is, Soft under foot, Modern and Sheik, and Would Serve your Stairs and Your Family for Years To Come! Highly Recommended!

Stair Runner #3: Light Gray Stair Runner Winter Delta

I Absolutely think that Winter Delta is the Workhorse of Our Carpet Store and our Stair Runner Business, This Carpet Runner Will Not Break the Bank, Looks Absolutely Stunning as you can see from this Gorgeous Picture.

If You Need a Really Nice Stair Runner with a Pattern this is the One For you Call us at 905-575-7847 say you saw this Blog and we will give you 10% off your Next Stair Runner Purchase!

Winter Delta is Not the Only Color, so If the Gray Stair Runner is Not For you, but you love the Style, Call us For A Free Consultation we are Glad to Help!

Stair Runner #4: Natural Artistry Smoke Screen Stair Runner

Firstly, This is a Luxurious Stair Runner and this color is to Die for This Stair Runner Is Stain Proof! Yes, it Is a "BOOM" Natural Artistry Stair Runner From and is one of the softest and most Comfiest Stair Runner/Carpet Runners we have Ever Produced!

This Stair Runner Comes In Loads of Different Colors and has a Unique Pattern, Look and Style to it, Extremely Popular Not the Cheapest Stair Runner Buy Certainly the Softest Stair Runner and Did I Mention STAIN PROOF!

Stair Runner #5: Cheap Stair Runner Boloria Democracy

cheap stair runner
cheap stair runner

This Cheap Stair Runner From and Beaulieu Is Relatively Cheap Compared to a Stair Runner Like Anderson Tuftex But Not Cheap Quality Style or Look! This Cheap Stair Runner Comes in Many Colors and is a Great Carpet Runner for People Selling their House or Flipping a House, This Carpet Runner Looks Great and Won't Cost an Arm and a leg, so to speak.


Stair Runners come in many colors and many styles, But how do you pick the right stair runner, well here are my top 5 stair runners to help you choose from, All These Carpets and Stair Runners are used every day in Every way at and we Back them all the Way!


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