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Stair Runners & Carpet Runners in Hamilton Ontario

If you are looking for a new Stair Runner and you're in the Hamilton, Burlington, or GTHA, look no further.

There are many different styles of Stair Runners to choose from, all depending on your personal design preference and home decor. Styles range from Classic Stair Runners, Modern Stair Runners, Traditional Stair Runners, and Diy Stair Runners. Other popular design trends you might hear are Modern Farmhouse Stair Runners or Contemporary Stair Runners. With a range of designer terms, finding the right stair runner for your home can be a bit confusing when you start the process, especially if you aren't familiar with the terms.

1. Modern Stair Runners

We are seeing, selling, and installing more and more Modern Stair Runners as trends become more popular. Modern Stair Runners can be sleek or bold, some with geometric prints and patterns, while others may have a range of colors with no pattern at all.

1. The First One Out Of 3 Is Called Exquisite Portrait From Mohawk Industries, This Stair Runner was Pre-Made and Installed By Direct carpet, We Here at Direct Carpet Love Love Love us Some Exquisite Portrait, this Particular Color is called Corinthian Column and is a Mohawk Smartstrand and this Carpet Runner Was Installed in Burlington Ont.

2. The Second Picture of Stair Runner /Carpet Runner is called Natural Artistry Smoke Screen and Is Also a Mohawk Product.

This color is to Die For, Very Popular and in High Demand.

Soft and Thick to the Touch and Oooh, so Good On the Feet, We Know You'd Be Happy with this Choice of Stair Runner/Carpet Runner and in stock in our Hamilton Ont Store

3. Stair Runners Really Work on Stairs, Hides Dirt Great, and is a Really Good Wearing Carpet Runner for the Price. Want More Info on this Stair Runner Click the Link Below

2. Classic Stair Runners

So a Fancy Carpet Runner/Stair Runner is Not What you're Looking For, you want to stay a little more traditional? Well, We've got you covered on that one as well.

Classic Doesn't Have to Mean Boring, Traditional Stair Runners/Carpet Runners Are Still Very Popular and Make Any Staircase Feel Safe and Warm. Let's Have a Look at 3 Classic and Tradition Looking Stair Runners.

1, This Classic Stair Runner Look is Called North American Gray in a Berber Waffle Style, This Carpet Runner Comes in Many Colors from White to Very Dark, a Great Stair Runner to Suit all Household Needs it Will Not Break the Bank and Will Hold up Over Time!

2, The One and Only Pile Carpet, Everyone Likes Pile Carpet, It's Soft on the Feet and Feels Amazing too.

Come in Many Thicknesse and Many colors, Pile Carpet tends to Show Wear More than its Neighbors

If Pile is Your Thing then we have you covered!

3, Last But Not Least the Herringbone Classic Traditional Staircase runner look! This Decadent Stair Runner will Suit Any Home, Some Say it Looks Classic Some Say Traditional Some Say Modern, Fresh, and Luxury, This Stair Runner Was Installed in Oakville Ontario.

Whatever This Stair Runner/carpet

runner Beauty Says to You we Promise you will Love it For a Long Time, This Particular Stair Runner is Custom Made at Direct Carpet, Anderson Tuftex Only Natural Herringbone Comes in Many Colors and is Super Durable

3. Designer Stair Runners

So You're Looking For Something Fancy Eh? Fancy Can Be Fun, Fancy Can Be Beautiful and Elegant, Fancy Can Be Freeing and Experimental Here are a Few For Thought!

Get a Load of These Fancy Smancy Stair Runners

1. Anderson Tuftex Casablanca a Geometric Style Patterned Stair Runner that's Funky Yet Sophisticated and Packs a Punch of Wow Into and Onto your Staircase and We Just Love it, This Stair Runner We Recently Installed in Toronto, Well what can we say, The Owners of this Stair Runner are Ecstatic about it and how it looked on their Custom made Staircase.

2. Taza Also By Anderson Tuftex a Classic, as well as Designer Looking Stair Runner with Great Colors to Choose from This Stair Runner, Was Installed in Ancaster to a great Family with a Weimaraner dog that was scared to walk up or down the stairs till the Stair Runner Was complete now there are 2 runners in the family, One Stair Runner and a Happy Dog Running up and Down the Stairs lol.

3. Appreciation Snowfall From Shaw Another Fantastic Soft on the Feet Great Wearing Stair Runner.

this Stair Runner has a Unique Pattern and Comes in a few Delectable Colors, this just might be the Stair Runner for your Staircase Dynomite.

So there you Have it a Small List and a few Pictures of Stair Runners that were Installed in the Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville areas, if you're looking for a Stair Runner or Carpet Runner Feel Free to Get ahold of Us or Hit the Buttons to shop our Stair Runners. we are


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