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9 things happen when you install Carpets on Stairs

Do you have a single stairway or several of them in your house? Do you have a hard surface covering your stairwells and floors? You could injure yourself and your pets by walking up or down an unprotected stairway. Consider placing a carpet runner on your steps to avoid this potentially harmful situation. Are you now looking for a trusted vendor to order beautiful stair carpets and runners? Then you can head to

nylon carpet on stairs in hamilton ontario
Stair Runner Cafe Noir from

The Advantages of Carpeting The Staircase In Your House:

There are many advantages of carpeting the staircase in your home. Let us highlight some of them below:-

  1. It safeguards your stairs

Stairs going to your home's upper floors, the basement, or the garage are utilized daily. Consider installing carpet runners in high-traffic areas of your stairs. The framework of the staircase will endure longer if runners are used to keeping it from being damaged and scuffed by shoes, furniture, and other objects.

lady slipping on stairs with no carpet
Carpet Can Help With This!

  1. Enhances ease and convenience

Carpet runners can be used to add comfort and softness to your stairwell, making it easier for you to ascend and descend. Carpeted stairwells keep your feet toasty in the winter thanks to their ability to absorb heat from the rest of your home. Your home will feel cozier and appear cozier with the addition of carpet runners.

  1. Reduces the level of noise from stepping

Staircases made of wood are beautiful but noisy. Most creaks can be heard throughout the house when stepped on, especially on older wooden stairs. Fortunately, a simple repair may be available. Most stairwell noise can be reduced or eliminated by using a carpet runner, which acts as a sound dampener.

baby crawling on carpet in Hamilton Ontario Canada
Quieter Stairs

  1. Improves the safety of stepping

In terms of safety, bare wood stairs and carpeted stair runners are incomparable. Runners help to keep the ground safe for pedestrians. They'll also give you more stability along the route. Children and pets do not mix well with exposed wood staircases. There's a good chance that someone will get wounded or worse while sprinting up and down the stairwell.

carpet on stairs for saftey

  1. Infuse staircases with flair

If you're looking to brighten up the look of your home without breaking the bank, consider a carpet runner. Size, style, and color options let you express your individuality or provide a central point in your home. Carpet runners have the added benefit of being interchangeable, allowing you to start with one style and switch to a different one down the road.

9 Different Ways to Install Stair Carpet:

Make a list of everything you want home before starting with the carpet installation and the look you want to create.

Keep these points in mind when installing carpets on stairs, but even beginners can do it if they have the proper knowledge and patience. You can begin installing your new carpet as soon as you've chosen your carpet, taken measurements, and prepared your stairwell.

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the terminology used to describe the various segments of your stairway. If you know the language, following the directions will be much easier.

  1. Neutral Style

With a neutral runner and a sleek finish, your stairs may show off their subtle textures. So go ahead and give your hallway a facelift. Neutral colors also help when you shift or change the house. They can be used again easily anywhere.

light grey carpet on stairs in burlington ontario
Natural Artistry Light Grey Carpet

  1. Low pile style

Low pile, i.e., 34-inch or less, is preferable for stair carpets when you have pets at home since it is more stable underfoot and more traffic-resistant. Always go with twisted or chopped pile synthetic plush rather than looped styles

herringbone style carpet in a hamilton ontario home
Low Carpet Pile with Herringbone Design

  1. Dual style

You can style the stairway with both carpet and a center runner. Place the rug on the stairs per your requirement, and then place the runner over the carpet for a more vibrant look. You can also remove the runner if you want to change the look sometime later.

  1. Space Illusion Style

Using striped carpets, a space illusion is created. Aside from being eye-catching, striped rugs give the appearance of more room, which is ideal for a house with limited square footage.

striped carpet in Hamilton Ontario
Striped Carpets

  1. Monochrome style

You'll want to make sure your flooring complements the rest of your home's design, as well as its functionality. The monochrome stair runner is the perfect style to give your hallway a much-needed facelift.

  1. Bold Styling

When combined with minimalistic furniture and accents, striking geometric patterns and vivid colors will give your stairwells a wow effect. As your stairs get a lot of wear and tear, choosing designs that can be easily incorporated into other areas of your home is a good idea.

  1. Play with the color blue

In high-traffic areas, a soothing tone like vibrant blue is ideal. To make the most of a narrow corridor, consider using a carpet that matches the color of the walls. Choosing a single color will bring the entire room together.

indigo stair runner
Indigo Stair Runner in Stoney Creek Ontario

  1. Novelty

Splashes of green paint on the walls, lots of newly potted plants, and a neutral carpet runner on the staircase will keep things lively and exciting.

  1. Match carpet and staircase

You can add a dash of luxury to your home by decorating with traditional colors like dark purple or brown. Paint the fence of your stairwell the same color as your carpet to fully set the scene. Yes, it's risky, but guests will be blown away by the results in seconds.


Using a carpet runner on your stairwell will guard against scuffs and dings. With a carpet runner, the stair's structural integrity will be preserved for a more extended period. These runners can also shield your stairwell from being damaged by furniture or other household goods you might move in-house. It gives the house a more sophisticated and stylish look, making it more appealing to potential buyers.


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