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7 Best Carpet Runners For Wood Stairs To Buy For Your HomeCarpet Runners are an essential thing

7 Best Carpet Runners For Wood Stairs To Buy For Your Home

Carpet Runners

Carpet Runners are an essential thing for your house. They are mostly used on stairs to make them look more prominent and less slippery. DirectCarpet is doing a lot to present wonderful carpet designs to you so you can make your house interior a bit more homey. They have amazing carpet runner designs and you should immediately get one for your house.

herringbone stair runner hamilton ontario
Anderson Tuftex Herringbone stair runner

Carpet Runners are long pieces of carpets, just like rugs, but they are in a rectangular shape to easily spread out on stairs, hallways, and kitchens.

They are quite common on stairs but it can be a little hard to choose the best carpet runners for wooden stairs. Mostly the carpets used on stairs are simple in design and are made of soft material.

Why Should You Get A Carpet Runner For Wood Stairs?

Wood Stairs do look lavish bare but they can also be quite slippery and any sudden steps can cause safety hazards. So a carpet runner can make it safe for you to descend or ascend the stairs whenever you are in a rush.

Another reason for getting a carpet runner for wood stairs is probably the beauty they add to the stairs. They look so lavish and are comfy enough that you can feel your feet relax whenever you walk on them.

Luxury blue and gold carpet runner hamilton ontario
Luxury carpet runner

But foremost you must have an idea about the type of carpet runner for wood stairs. You should measure the length and width you want first and then come to find the best designs and textures.

In this article, we are going to tell you some best carpet runners for wood stairs that will make your home a bit more

Top 7 Best Carpet Runner For Wood Stairs

Some of the top-selling stair runners on DirectCarpet were something to die for. We have mentioned some of them below that you can get for wood stairs. They have breathtaking designs and you will immediately love how soft and smooth they look. So let's talk about some of their best-selling stuff. Who knows you will love a design or two.

DIY Artistry Smoke Screen Natural Modern Stair Runner

The amazing and chic design of this carpet looks straight out of a modern house and the color code is just ethereal. Doesn't matter if you have natural or dark wood. this carpet runner will look amazing anyhow. You can get it installed by a professional or do it yourself easily.

This design is available on the DirectCarpet website where you can see the design and its texture. So what are you waiting for? Go and select a size for your stairs.

Hamilton ontario carpet runner light grey
Light grey carpet runner

Corinthian Column Exquisite Portrait Stair Runner

The beauty of this stair runner can be prominent on dark wood-colored stairs. As mentioned in its name, the design is influenced by Corinthian culture and resembles portrait-like details. This carpet runner is a customer favorite and there is a reason for this too and that is its beautiful layout and how it can make your stairs stand out in your house.

modern carpet runner hamilton ontario
Corinthian Column carpet runner

DIY Natural Artistry Storm Cloud Carpet Runner

The stormy color and texture of this carpet runner will compel you and you will find yourself buying it even before a single thought. This carpet runner is extra soft and looks good on light-colored wood and you will just love it laying around your stairs. Another advantage of this carpet is that if you have kids and pets in your house, you should get it because due to its color it will not look dirty every day and you will be able to clean it on alternate days.

dark greay stair runner
Dark Grey carpet runner storm cloud

Raffia Basket Modern Natural Artistry Stair Runner

This modern carpet runner is exclusively made from raffia tree leaves and that is the reason that you can feel the stuff and texture of this carpet being so soft and smooth. The color is light beige and it can be installed on any colored wood. You can see that this carpet runner is good for any type of house structure because it gives such decent and sophisticated vibes and everyone will love it no matter what.

Beige carpet runner hamilton ontario
Beige Carpet runner

DIY Cloud Mist Exquisite Portrait Stair Runner

A cloudy and soft-colored stair runner is something we all need for our wooden stairs. This carpet runner can attract many people with its simple design and portrait-like design. The little grayish spots on the carpet add to its beauty and make it a good candidate for a large number of customers.

Dark Grey Modern Carpet runner hamilton ontario
Dark Grey Stain Proof Stair Runner from Mohawk

Only Natural Cafe Noir Modern Anderson Tuftex Herringbone Stair Runner

As in the name, this carpet runner has a herringbone pattern that makes it unique from all the carpets mentioned above. The black and white color scheme gives a vintage look to the carpet and that feature has given it one of the best-selling stair runners on the website. The carpet will make your house look fresh and modern and you will love it, even more, when guests at your house will compliment your great stair runner choice.

herringbone style carpet runner in hamilton ontario
dark herringbone style carpet runner

DIY Smoke Screen Natural Artistry Modern Stair Runner

This smokey gray carpet will make your house lavish and adds a great vibe to your overall interior. It has a very soft texture and you can feel how warm and comfortable it is beneath your feet. Its color is a bit light so if you have children and pets in your house, we do not recommend you to buy this carpet runner as it tends to get dirty very easily. Despite this, it is also one of the best-selling carpet runners and you will surely love it on the dark wood stairs.

Grey Neutral carpet runner
Amazing Neutral Carpet Runner


Carpet Runners are an important part of a house's interior. If you want to make your wood stairs more attractive and safe, a carpet runner should be your go-to piece of carpet. DirectCarpet has a lot of designs from which you can choose and get to take it home. So no need to wait for anything. Just get up and buy an amazing carpet runner for your wood stairs!


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